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Elementor Page Builder

Facebook Like Button Widget

Add a like button to your website, so you visitors can like your pages or posts. Type: Choose from either like, recommend or follow button. The like and recommend buttons are similar in nature and different only in semantics. The follow … Read More

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Search Form Widget

The Search widget allows you to add a search bar anywhere on your website. To add a search bar, simply go to the panel and search for ‘Search Form’. Drag the Search widget, and start customizing it with the panel … Read More

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Media Carousel Widget

The Media Carousel widget allows you to create a slider of videos and images. The widget includes 3 skins: Carousel is the standard rotating carousel skin that shows a customized number of image or video slides per view. Slideshow is a slider … Read More

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Facebook Embed Widget

Easily embed Facebook posts, videos or comments in the page. Post Embed URL: Choose which URL will be embedded in the page. Full post: For posts and videos, you can either show the shorter post text or the full text of the post. … Read More

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Facebook Comments Widget

Add Facebook comments to the end of your posts, to get your readers to easily comment using their Facebook account. Comment count: Set the number of comments displayed in the page. The minimum number of comments is 5. Order by: Sort the … Read More

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Facebook Page Feed

Add your Facebook page feed (previously named Like box) to your site. This widget is a great way to get more likes and followers to your Facebook page. Choose from a timeline, events or message display. Timeline shows the latest … Read More

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Single Post Widgets

Elementor offers a set of widgets called ‘Theme Elements’ that can be used to create your single post. These include Search Form, Author Box, Post Comments, Post Navigation, and Yoast Breadcrumbs. Altogether these widgets make it even more fun to … Read More

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Call to Action Widget

The Call to Action widget is a tool for creating beautiful boxes that combine image, text, and button. The widget uses animations and CSS effects to create user interactions, that appear when the user hovers over the box. In this guide, … Read More

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Animated Headline

With Elementor’s Animated Headline widget, you can create attention grabbing headlines that either rotate or include highlighted animation. Highlighted Headlines Put the focus on the important part of your headlines with 9 different highlighted and animated shapes. Rotating Headlines Rotating … Read More

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SoundCloud Widget

Want to add audio to your WordPress site? The SoundCloud widget lets you embed audio clips from SoundCloud with Elementor Page Builder. After you add the widget, you will get a number of controls, including: Link – Add the link to … Read More

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Price List Widget

The Price List widget lets you create catalogs and menus that include pricing. This is a great way to beautifully showcase your products or services and their pricing. Content List Items: Shows a list of all the items in the widget. … Read More

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Countdown Widget

This widget enables you to add countdowns to your page. These countdowns can be very helpful in creating anticipation among your site visitors, increase conversions and sales and entice people to buy or sign up. Countdown Due date: Set the destination … Read More

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Counter Widget

This guide explains how to use the Counter widget to add a numbered counter to your WordPress sites. Once you add the widget to the page, you will first need to set a starting number and an ending number. Once … Read More

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Progress Bar Widget

This guide explains how to use the Progress Bar widgets to add progress bars to WordPress pages and posts. Progress bars are usually great to engage users for fundraising campaigns or showing off a milestone your business achieved. The great thing … Read More

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Divider Widget

How to add a divider in WordPress If you are wondering how to add a divider in WordPress, we recommend using the Divider widget. This widget allows you to add horizontal lines that divide your content. This is a fairly basic and simple … Read More

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