Accept Bookings, Payments, and Manage Your Schedule

Everything You Need to Sell Tours Online

TourSoft comes with WooCommerce shopping cart system and WooCommerce Bookings fully integrated. This powerful system allows you to manage your schedule and sell tours online.

Easy to Set Up and Easy for Your Customers to Make Bookings

The powerful booking and scheduling engine will help you take and manage bookings with ease. Create calendar, availability time slots, and custom fields in a snap.

An all-In-One Solution for Booking, Payments and Scheduling

WooCommerce Bookings allows you to setup your tour availability, define how many people can attend, set minimum participation, and wait to confirm booking until there are enough members. Easily and securely process payments. The booking engine supports PayPal, Stripe, credit cards, and over 100 payment gateway extensions – integrations are a breeze.

WooCommerce Powers Over 28% of All Online Stores

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, so you can rest assured you're in good company. WooCommerce is an open-source, completely customizable eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs worldwide. Go beyond the confines of traditional eCommerce solutions, and be limited only by your own imagination.

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Set Price Per Block, Tax, Discount for Date Ranges

WooCommerce Bookings lets you create completely automated online booking engines. You simply need to create the bookable block by specifying its time limit and the per block cost. The price on the front end will be calculated automatically based on the selection of the users. Unlike old systems where you had to spend most of the time managing the bookings that you receive online, WooCommerce bookings lets you create a self-managed online booking system. You can just key in the price, taxes, discounts, etc and it will all be applied to the related dates and the payable price will be calculated accordingly.

Flexibility for Creating Bookable Blocks

You can define if you want the visitors to determine the duration of a bookable block, or you can set a fixed bookable block that the customer can book. You can create a fixed bookable block of 2 hours for a tour. Or you can let the customer decide how many blocks of 1 day they want to book for your activity. You can also specify the length of each bookable block in terms of hours, days, weeks or years. This is how WooCommerce bookings ensure that you can create bookable blocks for appointments (in hours) or bookable block for day tours (days and weeks).

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Choose Maximum Number of Bookings for Specific Time Slot

You can define what number of bookings are possible for a fixed time block. For example, you have 10 spots for guests. So you can allow 10 bookings for that tour. When the 11th customer tries to book a tour, he won’t be allowed unless he chooses a vacant time slot. This feature is very beneficial because it avoids overbooking. If you don’t want to allow multiple bookings for a bookable block, you can simply set 1 as the maximum number of bookings.

Custom Price Range

Just like WooCommerce bookings allows you to set custom availability, you can also set custom pricing. Hike the price during a specific time of the year, or what if you want to sell bookings at a discounted price for a week or so? WooCommerce lets you manage this very gracefully. Select the date range, and then set the price for those dates. For instance – You want to allow the visitors to book rooms at your hotel for 20% off during Christmas. So you can create a range with the start date and end date, and then set the special price for that duration.

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