TourSoft why your tour website must be mobile first image of tourist using mobile phone

Why Your Tour Website Must be Mobile First

It’s 2018, and there’s now officially no question that your tours and activities website must be mobile first. The travel industry passed “The Mobile Tipping Point” in 2015 when Google announced that there were more searches being performed on a mobile device … Read More

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TourSoft why speed is important for your tour website header image of speeding cars on highway

Why Speed is Important for Your Tour Website

Did you know you have less than 2 seconds to get and hold the attention of customers when they come to your tour website? Any longer than that and they will get impatient, click “Back” in their browser, and continue … Read More

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TourSoft content management and translation tips image of laptop and map

Tour Content & Translation Recommendations

One of the main issues that our tour clients struggle with is creating, managing, and translating quality multilingual content. The following are our tour content & translation recommendations. Content can take many forms, text, photos, graphics (such as maps and … Read More

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TourSoft tour marketing conversions image of tourists visiting city

How to Get Your Tour Marketing to Convert

If you’re a tour operator and you’ve just run a new magazine ad, Facebook video or Instagram campaign that resulted in thousands of new views, that’s great! You’ve done a good job of raising awareness for your tours. But your … Read More

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Facebook algorithm change for travel websites illustration

What the Latest Facebook Algorithm Change Means for Travel Marketers

Last week (Jan 12th, 2018) Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a change to the Facebook algorithm. What does this mean for travel marketers? In short: Facebook newsfeed posts from friends are being emphasized, posts from Brands and Publishers de-emphasized. Expect … Read More

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TourSoft SEO laptop and mobile using Google search

SEO For Tour Operators

SEO for tour operators is the technique of using search engines like Google and Yahoo to bring more visitors to your tour website. The most important thing for tour operators to realize about SEO is that it’s not difficult – … Read More

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TourSoft travel website best practices female tourist using laptop

Travel Website Best Practices

A guide for travel website operators on structuring their website and content for success 1. What do we want the site to do? A travel website is a brand ambassador. It sets the official story for the destination and is … Read More

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