Search Form Widget

The Search widget allows you to add a search bar anywhere on your website.

To add a search bar, simply go to the panel and search for ‘Search Form’. Drag the Search widget, and start customizing it with the panel settings.


Skin: Choose from the classic, minimal and full-screen skins to give the search for a pre-built style.

Classic shows the field and a separate submit button

Minimal shows one field, and inside the search icon

Full-screen shows only a small button, which opens the search form as a lightbox popup

Placeholder: Set the text that appears inside the search form

Button: You can pick a search or arrow icons, or go with a custom text message inside the submit button

Size: Make the search bar larger or smaller using this control

* The full-screen skin allows you to set the alignment of the search icon


Typography: Customize the typography of the search bar for both normal and focused mode.

Text, background & border colors: Pick the right colors for your search bar

Box-shadow: Give the search bar a box shadow to make it stick out

Border size & radius:  Set border size and radius

Button: Customize the typography, text color, background color and width for both normal and hover states of the button

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